FANTASTIC ATTORNEY WHO GETS STRONG RESULTS WITH A PERSONAL TOUCH. Carolyn has been there through the many ups and downs with my divorce. She answered my many concerns, even on evenings and weekends when crises came up. She was highly flexible and kept providing the legal advice I needed to make decisions in a very tough case involving verbal and emotional abuse, and other life threatening circumstances. She made sure I knew what I needed to get this roller coaster ride of a divorce done after a year of failed mediation with another lawyer, when my ex -husband kept trying to sabotage the sale of the house numerous times. She gave me the power of persuasion so that the divorce finally went through without having to even finish up in court, and promptly finished up the work so that the divorce happened very quickly. Her personal touch and willingness to play hardball gave me the courage to finish things up. I would recommend her highly to anyone who needs to get something tough done quickly and legally.

Previous Client

When I first entered Carolyn’s office, I was terrified. I had never been in a lawyer’s office before, I automatically assumed that since nearly every other separated dad I know out there has abandoned their family that this place would judge me as the same, and drag me through mud before letting “the system” teach me a lesson about parenting. I shook her hand and it’s as if she sent a wave of reassurance in that handshake as to say “It’s going to be alright, I’m here now” I told her of all my worries, fears, unknowns and it was like she snapped right to it as possibly the most empathetic lawyer I’ve ever encountered… Over the course of probably another 7 months, Carolyn and I would see what my ex’s not sticking to grounds were still at, and made recommendations so I could see my daughter. Carolyn worked hard to get me every single extra hour. Slowly but surely we got more and more time, my ex was bending more and more becoming more civil and human in the matter. Afterwards speaking to my ex, she said to me “I hate your lawyer, she’s too good.” Carolyn was such a mentor in this entire process, keeping me in check emotionally and financially. I can’t imagine any other lawyer caring about my situation and my well-being as much as Carolyn was able to.

Previous Client

Chris Cadem is an exceptional attorney! Mr. Cadem represented me against the previous owner of my house on a case involving fraudulent disclosures. He is bright, motivated and dedicated to his work. I also found him to be very personable and attentive. His writing is strong and persuasive, and he performs especially well in court. Most importantly, the results he delivered (ultimately, a monetary settlement) far exceeded my expectations! I will be a lifelong client.


Chris is an excellent Estate Attorney! Chris was referred to me from another attorney to help handle a real estate dispute that stemmed from the closing of an estate. In my profession, I have worked with several different attorneys that handle estate planning, probate, and litigation, but none have compared to the expertise of Chris Cadem. I have used him and will continue referring my clients to him in the future whenever possible.